Why Should You Read The Promised Neverland manga? (Without Spoilers)

The Promised Neverland manga, published in Weekly Shonen Jump, rose to fame as season 1 of the anime dropped. The story follows Emma and her friends. Together they try to find a way to escape from a human farm disguised as an orphanage along with her friends. It is different from other anime since its theme is more centered around horror than around adventure or a quest. There is an adventure and there is certainly a quest and it’s all tied with horror.

Season One and the first 37 chapters of the manga follow our protagonists trying to escape the orphanage. The first arc is a stunning masterpiece as it captures the eeriness quite exceptionally. It also tests the intelligence of our main characters very well.

Season Two, on the other hand, left much to be desired. If you haven’t watched that yet, then I highly recommend you never do. While the first three episodes follow the manga decidedly well. The season however cuts off an entire arc which is a fan favorite. They decided that cutting the entire story and adapting 80 manga chapters in one season is wise. Fans were disappointed heavily by the season and hence this is a list of why you should read the manga instead.

So these are all the reasons why you should read the promised neverland manga!

Story Further in The Promised Neverland Manga

The story from chapter 38, continues where season 1 left off. It follows Emma, Ray, and the rest of the children as they make their way into the world. The story doesn’t have any really filler chapters and the action is quick and precise. It always keeps the readers on their toes with worry. These little twelve-year-old kids (some of them much younger) do everything in their power just to live.

The world-building is good enough that it sucks you into this divided world of Monsters and Humans. The story gets a bit messy and rushed towards the end but it is still solid eight out of ten.

Characters Old and New

The character building is just above average compared to other Shonen series. Emma, Norman, and Gilda especially developed in major and minor ways. The other children developed slightly too. The new characters are fun and interesting! Other characters such as Mister, Lucas, and the children we meet at Goldy Pond are also well developed. Their struggles make you want to root for all of them, even the ones with prickly personalities.

In a world where death can strike so easily, it’s sometimes hard to connect to the characters. To see them as sentient beings but the series does extremely well in that department. You meet and love new characters and they interest you just as much as the ones in the beginning.

Character Development

Emma grows up during the manga but she keeps her initial optimistic nature. She still grew into her principles and stood her ground in the manga.

Ray is a kind of forgotten character in the manga but he still has his subtle development. Ray orchestrated the escape plan and planned out everything in minute details. He can trust his friends in the manga bit by bit. Ray is able to trust Norman to see sense and he can trust what Emma believes. He is still his little cynical self. But he has grown a lot from the young boy who was ready to die just for revenge.

Norman is also one of the characters who feel more solid in the manga. His initial purpose and the way the world twisted his ideals are something out of a nightmare. He fights for what he believed in, in what he always has believed in. That is keeping Emma, Ray, and everyone from The Grace Field safe. His devotion to doing anything for the cause is bone-chilling. It is developed a lot better in the manga.

Mister and Lucas remained to be some of the most caring older brothers/parental figures in the manga. Their beginnings and their story arc are simply breathtaking.

Emotional impact

The manga and the story knows how to draw out emotions out of both the characters and the readers. The Goldy Pond arc left readers feeling closer to Emma than ever. Lewis the antagonist in the arc is simply delightfully evil but still in a subtle way.

Mujika and Emma reflect each other in their values which makes all of their interactions so warm to read about. The surprise reveal of some characters hit harder in the manga. It is because more time had passed and the same characters we have met had grown to be different people. The bittersweet moment of seeing them grow into almost strangers is definitely one of the top gut-wrenching scenes in the manga.

It would be a shame to not mention Isabella who is simply one of the most amazing antagonists. Her role in the first arc is spectacular! And her back story ties together beautifully like pieces falling into place with the present story going on.

Art of the Manga

The art is very dynamic and keeps a sense of horror fresh in our minds, and the character designs are simply amazing. The artist uses a smooth blend of darks and lights. The shades of grey throughout the manga vary dramatically and it always keeps things fresh! The paneling gives a very nice effect and the artist certainly knows how to draw attention to the character.

Length and Pacing

The Promised Neverland manga is one of the few Shonen manga with only 20 volumes. The manga is completed and the story is over. It is frankly a bit hard to find in the genre.

The pacing is a bit rushed in the end but it is still good in the majority of the manga. The action and story keep you on your toes and it is enjoyable if a bit fast. As I mentioned, the first arc finishes just in 37 chapters! It has 181 chapters and it is considered teeny for a manga published in the Shonen Jump.

Overall Manga

The manga is finished and is a solid read! It is short (relatively) and it is charming in all senses of the word. The Promised Neverland is a horror manga that still has an innocent edge. It is a solid 8/10 manga which is a must read. This is all for ‘Why Should You Read The Promised Neverland manga?’! If you agreed or disagreed feel free to leave a comment. Tell us what you feel about our take on The Promised Neverland manga and why you should read it. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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