Restaurant To Another World: Food Anime You Need To Munch On

Typically when I sit down to eat, I either pick a YouTube video or a series which isn’t too time consuming or plot heavy. Restaurant To Another World is an anime which caught my eye cause of the title. It seemed to be a feel good anime with a easy enough plotline. And it’s exactly what it turned out to be! Written by Junpei Inuzuka and illustrated by Katsumi Enami it’s a lighthearted series.

Restaurant to Another World : The Plot

The Western Restaurant Nekoya is an ordinary restaurant, offering Japanese version of Western or fusion foods. It is open all days of the week, except Saturdays when it closes down for the ordinary world and opens up for another world. It’s a world inhabited by monsters, demons, elves, fairies! These vibrant and otherworldly customers come in and order these exotic food which isn’t like anything they have eaten. The restaurant becomes a place of merriment and where salvation is given!

The Art style of Anime

The art style is pretty standard, with pretty girls and beautiful frames of food that they serve are all well animated. They do sometimes look pretty ordinary and there is always one or two frame which you can tell isn’t made with the same care as the rest of them. But overall, I think it’s very pretty where it needs to be. I personally wished they had shown same care towards the men in the show, but it’s a standard anime!

The food will make you hungry (I am practically salivating writing this) because it’s so well drawn. The details they put is amazing when its required and the fantasy world is nicely illustrated. I wouldn’t say it’s very unique, but it definitely have charm to it!

The Food of Nekoya

Now let’s come the main focus of the show, the food that Nekoya serves! It have to be one of the most gorgeous animation of food that I’ve seen. I have googled almost all the dishes served and honestly, it looks way better in the anime. It’s described as food of gods, and I agree with that sentiment. Interestingly, since all the cuisines are based in real life it’s not the novelty of the food which entices me. It’s the way all dishes are prepared with care and quality ingredients which really makes me want to jump into the anime for a bite.

I personally highly recommend watching the series with whatever you have to eat. Whatever you’re eating this show would make you appreciate it more.

The Self Contained Stories

The best thing about this anime is how self contained each story is. Each episode typically contains two separate stories, both self contained and telling you about one particular customer. It makes it so easy no matter if you’re a quick eater or not! If you want to mindlessly watch something then it’s perfect to watch since you wouldn’t have to follow the plot very closely. No need to frantically jot down details down, just sit back and enjoy! The stories themselves are very warm and will comfort you no matter who you are!

The elements of fantasy and mundanity

The way both world collides is very interesting. I heavily enjoy how the fantasy creatures learn about our world as the viewers learn about their world. The “Another World” have them all, Wizards, Elves, Dragons, lizardmen and many more. The way each species interact with food and how they are similar and different is definitely a highlight. The relationship with food is one of the focal point. And it is something which we all have in common. The restaurant is a normal Japanese restaurant but it’s customers on Saturday are anything but normal. It’s very interesting to see all the customers sit together and fight over why their favorite dish is best.

It’s also puts the fantasy storylines in the backdrop, making it the norm while the appearance of Nekoya is the strange thing.

The Characters of Restaurant To Another World

I think it might be one of those few anime which have a very huge cast of characters who all are likable. They are kind hearted people (or monsters). I think the first main focused character of the show is Aletta, a demon girl who worships the Demon God. She is kind hearted and tries hard to find work in the human cities.

Aletta was soon exposed which made her sleep in an abandoned cathedral. This is where Aletta finds the door to Nekoya restaurant. From now on then, every Saturday she works in Nekoya as a waitress.

Saturday is called The Day of Satur in the other world. And a lot of kind hearted visit the restaurant on that day. As I said before all of them are very warm and you feel for each of them. Above all, you want them to enjoy the food and cast their doubts aside. The Master of the restaurant is a straightforward man and it makes him a very stable character. He is the kind of person who gets things done and handles everything with calmness.

Overall Rating of Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World is a solid 7/10 anime for me. It’s brilliant in the animation and what it sets out to do it achieves spectacularly! It delivers exactly what you expect and that is the charm of the show. I would even go as far as to say it’s the perfect anime to watch while eating anything! It makes you appreciate your food more and is a nice break from the breakneck pace of other anime. It lets you exist in the movement and I think it’s an anime worth watching.

Give it a try and let me know down below if there is something you agree or disagree with! If you enjoyed this article or liked the way I write, or just want to support me then please consider buying me a cup of coffee! Or you can check out Why Should You Read The Promised Neverland manga? (Without Spoilers) here.

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