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The episode starts with rumors of White T. Poison spreading among the gang leaders of various schools. On the other side, Dimple helps Ritsu become more potent in his Psychic Abilities. He cannot possess him but he can control the output.

A few delinquents, previously wronged by Ritsu, challenge him but with Dimple’s help Ritsu defeated them. Teruki shows up, outclassing him but Dimple and Ritsu escape.

I’ve Obtained Loss

On the other side, a woman and her friend try to scam Mob, but Arataka comes in to save the day by scaring them.

On his way home Shinji gets attacked by gang leaders who are looking for White T. Poison. This makes him stop attending school. Ritsu too gets mistaken for White T. Poison by multiple gang leaders. Teruki on chance realizes that Ritsu is pretending to be Mob. Ritsu beat all the gang leaders easily.

The episode ends with Mob turning up and asking Ritsu what he is doing.

Personal Opinion Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 7

This episode ended up doing a lot better at involving Ritsu in the world of psychics—he was more of the center character in this episode than ever before. I absolutely am obsessed with the comic book-style aesthetics of this particular episode. I will never stop raving about it.

A lot of things are packed into this episode. Who the hell is the Hoodie guy? They are teasing us with him and who he is, and I am all but falling for it hook line, and sinker. I just love when the major antagonists are kept in shadows as it makes things much more lighthearted. There are not many stakes yet, and I hope it contrasts wildly with future episodes or seasons.

Highlight Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 7

The climax of the episode was definitely the highest point.

It was also nice to see Mob’s brother and Teruki interacting. Always curious to see how two people who know the same person differently would mesh together. Of course, Teruki and Ritsu’s first interaction was far from cordial, but then again it’s not as if Mob and Teruki first meeting were any different.

Another nice touch was seeing Arataka rescue Mob. How would Mob even survive without Arataka? He may be a con man, but he is pretty good at protecting Mob from non-psychic disputes.

Lowest Point Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 7

Seeing Ritsu drunk with power wasn’t fun. He seemed like a kid with a good head on his shoulders, and yet this episode proved that out of all the characters we are introduced to, Ritsu is perhaps the one with the biggest chip on his shoulder. Seeing him realize he derives power from guilt, is both an interesting concept and a pretty bleak one.

I think he might have an inferiority complex towards his brother. This makes the ending cliffhanger of Mob seeing him grim.

I felt bad for Tenga, the poor dude getting rolled for no reason.

Rating Overall of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 7

8.5/10, overall I enjoyed this episode more than anything else. It was packed and every little interaction of people was welcome. I am both scared and excited to see Ritsu and Mob talk about the sudden development of Ritsu’s powers. Also, hopefully, the next episode would be more focused on Mob, despite my enjoyment of Ritsu’s point of view.

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