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The episode starts with Mob and Reigen, the latter is performing a “séance” with a client. The client starts to threaten his father’s spirit for the safe’s password with a knife so Arataka knocks him out. He encourages Mob that Mob’s powers are helping people.

Ichi Mezato, the reporter from previous episodes talks with Mob. She deduced that he fought with another Esper in Black Vinegar Middle School. Tome overhears this and asks Mob to go out with her to look for Telepathic people. Mob reveals he knows his master has no psychic powers, but rather spiritual ones. On their outing, he sees an adult Esper, but the person seems dangerous so he doesn’t mention it to her.

Tenga, the delinquent from the last episode wants to find out who beat Teruki. Goda refuses to tell him who it was and instead made him join in on exercises. He sees Mob in the hallway and apologizes. Ritsu who was passing by misunderstands this scene and thinks Mob is being bullied. At Student Council meetings, he speaks about disciplining delinquents. Going home he is mistaken for Mob by Kenji Mitsuura and is invited to Awakening Lab. He ended up going to the lab but their weak powers disappointed him.

To Become One

At his home, the Student Council president Shinji is compared to his brother and mocked. This makes him call Ritsu and plant a girl’s recorder in Tenga’s desk since he is a delinquent. Later, Tenga enters the room and finds his classmates upset with him. Since all the parts of the recorders are planted on his desk by Ritsu. He gets accused of being a pervert and loses his perfect attendance. Ritsu, who planted the recorder parts, recalls how Shinji mocked Tenga. This makes him frustrated at himself, throws a spoon, and leaves the Awakening Lab.

He meets Arataka Reigen who asks him to go with him on an exotericism. Ritsu proclaims he doesn’t have any Psychic abilities. Back at Awakening Lab, Kenji sees the spoon which Ritsu threw. It was twisted and realizes the younger Kageyama does indeed have Psychic powers. At the end of the episode, Ritsu finds Dimple outside of his home and wonders what it is.

Personal Opinion Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 6

I enjoyed this episode a little too much, I do love Ritsu and he is a pretty complex character already. Whereas Mob is steady in his beliefs, Ritsu is much more relatable as the character. He loves deeply but still feels less than his brother. It did interest me how exactly one is born with Psychic abilities. Is it random or genetic? If it’s random, what are the chances both Kageyama brothers got it? And if it’s genetic what about their parents or grandparents? Did they have these abilities? So many questions and I doubt I will be getting answers anytime soon!

The show must go on, and I can’t wait to see where the plotline goes. What more do we learn about this delightful little world the author is building and how. I am very very much invested. The characters are the most intriguing part outside of the world-building.

Highlight Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 6

You knew this was coming! Finding out that Ritsu has Psychic powers made me jump from my slouched-down position and grin ear to ear. It was a pleasant surprise. I can already expect the changing dynamics between the brothers. I can’t wait for Mob to find out about it. Dimple coming back was a bonus. I am wondering how the younger Kageyama would react to the life of spirits.

Another quick highlight was the budding friendship between Goda and Tenga. It was sweet, which brings me to the next point.

Lowest Point Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 6

I am getting attached to most of the characters in the show. So I didn’t particularly enjoy when Ritsu and Shinji falsely accused Tenga of being a pervert. Leave the dude alone! You ruined his perfect attendance! It was a bit painful to watch. He didn’t even do anything wrong!

It was necessary to bring Ritsu to his senses but it still felt very drawn out and mean toward Tenga.

Rating Overall of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 6

Overall 8/10, it was a good episode. Even without Mob, the storyline involved him enough that I didn’t miss him much. I am hoping for him to be back by the next episode and to find out more about some of the people shown in this episode. Particularly the guy who seemed dangerous or bad to Mob during their outing.

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