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Starting off from where we left off in the last episode, Teruki Hanazawa was curious to see another Esper but wanted to assert dominance first. He attacks Mob and Mob tries to calm him down but he doesn’t stop. Mob tries to tell him that he shouldn’t use his powers against other people. Hanazawa doesn’t listen though, hence Dimple uses the remainder of his ability to try to teach him a lesson. Teruki wipes him away and Mob recalls the time Dimple spent encouraging him. This makes him say that Dimple was a better person than Teruki.

Teruki goes ballistic at this and unleashes his full power. He tries to hurt Kageyama by throwing knives at him from the Home Economics class. When Mob protects himself, a knife shaves the top of Teruki’s head after getting deflected. He gets very angry and attacks tenfold. Mob finally looks at him and says that Teruki is deeply insecure and that if they took away their powers they’d be nothing.

This further enrages Teruki who starts choking Mob and blaming him for taking away ‘his world’ from him. Mob still refuses to use his power and soon after weakly punching the other passes out, recalling the time he used his powers which hurt his brother and some bullies. When he passes out, he rises up and his emotions had reached ‘???%’ and breaks through Teruki’s barrier. Hanazawa Teruki thinks Mob broke his oath and is finally fighting back but soon realizes Mob is unconscious and the thing inside Mob decimates the entire Black Vinegar school. Teruki finally apologizes and while in the air realizes that he himself is just an ordinary person.

Psychic Powers and Me

Mob finally gains consciousness and realizes he has used his powers against a person making his emotion of sadness reach 100%. In his sadness, he reconstructs the entire school building from the rubble. The Black Vinegar students wake up to see Teruki and run away seeing him naked and hairless. Teruki tries to talk to Mob about how he agrees that they are nothing without their powers but sees how the Body Improvement Club cares for him. It makes him realize he is have lost.

Mob spends hours looking for Dimple in vain. Getting home, he asks Ritsu about the incident and asks him if he hurt him. Ritsu tells him it wasn’t Mob who hurt him. Later while watching the footage of the rubble from Black Vinegar School on the TV, Ritsu recalls the incident. In that incident, Mob had lost consciousness and the thing that appeared wasn’t his brother.

Personal Opinion Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 5

I was obsessed with this episode. It showed all the parts I am very enthusiastic about. I was very on the fence about the Body Improvement club when they were first introduced. Slowly but surely I am attached to every single member of the club. They are all very genuine and I loved them all.

I liked the Shonen typical plot of something other than Mob living inside (?) him. It is very interesting and I can’t wait to see what it is and how did it originate. I have been thinking about this show a lot and I can say with certainty I am hooked. Also, the art fluidity was on another level in this episode.

Highlight Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 5

You know the drill, the most Shonen thing in the show is of course going to be my favorite. I am a huge sucker for dark/mysterious beings residing in the protagonist (see Black Clover and Jujutsu Kaisen). It was such a good scene that I still have goosebumps.

The close second is Mob getting to 100% sadness, I was curious if he gonna have different kinds of Mob Explosion or if would they always be angry. I quite enjoyed the Sadness and how it played a part in reconstructing the Black Vinegar School. I was questioning how are they going to help with this sort of extreme damage and Mob Psycho completely and brilliantly answered the pothole before it even formed.

Lowest Point Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 5

I personally didn’t enjoy Teruki’s humiliation by shaving his head or his clothes tearing. I can even get behind the shaving of the head, but let the poor boy have his clothes. I wasn’t very fond of him losing his clothes and maybe that’s a personal thing but hey! I still enjoyed the show and it was a good episode.

Rating Overall of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 5

This one absolutely deserves 9/10, no two ways about it. I am so hooked on the show and l love it so much it’s absurd. I had to think about it and it was either 9 or 8.5, so I decided on the former after sitting on the episode for a bit. I can’t wait to see what happens next episode, by the look of the preview, we are getting more of Ritsu and I can’t contain my excitement.

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