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This is my review of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 4! It’s a manga series written and illustrated by One. Studio Bones produced the anime adaptation. After the brilliant hype of the third episode, I can’t wait for the show to start!


The episode starts at Black Vinegar Middle School where Tenga Onigawara, a delinquent from Salt Middle School is beating up the other school’s seniors until they called someone called Teru-Kun. We then get back to Mob’s point of view when he sees Dimple’s spirit after waking up. The spirit wants to team up with Kageyama to realize his dream of being the God of the world. Shigeo is not interested and takes him to Arataka who tells him to do whatever he wants. Dimple sees that the Reigen doesn’t have any power but decides to not tell Mob.

Ichi Mezato, the reporter from the last episode speaks with Mob’s little brother Ritsu, explaining how people are starting a religion called “Psycho Helmet Religion” in Mob’s name. She wants to know more about his powers but Ritsu says his older brother’s powers aren’t a sideshow and leaves. He is frustrated at how his brother has powers but he doesn’t. On the way to school, he asks why doesn’t Mob uses his powers more frequently, to which Mob replies that he doesn’t get many chances to and says he envies Ritsu.

An Invitation To A Meeting

The delinquent at the beginning of the episode, Tenga approaches the Body Improvement Club and asks them to fight but the president Musashi Goda refuses. Tenga plans to make Body Improvement Club fight the delinquents at Black Vinegar Middle School, so he plants a fake love letter in Mob’s locker asking him to meet up. Kageyama goes to the place despite warnings from Dimple and is taken hostage by Black Vinegar. Body Improvement Club, learning this goes to rescue him and beat the Black Vinegar students easily. The students once again call Teruki Hanazawa, who arrives and beat up his underlying and the Body Improvement Club using psychic abilities. He also figures out it was all Tenga’s plan.

In the end, he notices Mob is still standing up and is shocked to see him freeing himself while also using psychic abilities.

Personal Opinion Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 4

This episode was such a solid build-up episode, with some of my favorite elements getting more backstory. I was always curious about, such as how his family grew around Mob’s uncanny abilities. His brother’s experience with Shigeo’s abilities makes sense, the bond between the two siblings is also praise-worthy, it would have been so easy to make them dislike each other but there is a level of admiration between them as siblings that I always enjoy in shows.

I was very hyped up with the end when Mob finally spoke to the blonde asshole. I personally hated how much that dude talked in this episode.

Also, forgive me for not being quick enough to catch on, but I fully crackled when I realized their city is called “Seasoning city” and Mob’s middle school is called Salt Middle School. The opposite middle school is called Black Vinegar. I wonder if the Mangaka was hungry while making this show. The art style was amazing as always.

Highlight Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 4

The best part of the episode hands down was when the Body Improvement Club rushed to defend Mob without thinking. They are the real ones and it was very subversive of the typical anime troupes. I absolutely now adore the Body Improvement Club have Kageyama’s back and am his actual friend. They care about their members and seem to be moral and genuine people. I would love to see more of them in the show.

A quick flash to the Telepathy Club members, while the leader Musashi Goda was lecturing about how serious they are, was hilarious!

Lowest Point Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 4

I personally didn’t see why Ichi, the reporter from the previous episode talked to Ritsu, Mob’s younger brother instead of Mob. It seems counterproductive and their monologue didn’t add much except briefly mentioning the difference between the brothers which was much better explained when Ritsu had a lone monologue about how he thought that Psychic abilities were the norm. Their interaction felt off since she could have directly talked with her own classmate instead of finding his younger brother.

Also, Teruki’s gloating monologue went for way too long, which annoyed me. I understand that was the show’s intention, he is so annoying in this episode.

Rating Overall of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 4

I’d give this episode a solid 7/10, since it was a build-up episode I don’t think I can judge it too harshly since it did perfectly well what it was supposed to do. I enjoyed the overall themes of the episode way more than some previous ones, and I am finally beginning to feel fond of these characters and this show.

Mob Psycho 100 is definitely a show worth watching from what I can see up until now and I am very excited to click on the next episode. The show definitely lifts my mood the more that I watch it.

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