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This is my review of Mob Psycho 100’s second episode! It’s a manga series written and illustrated by One. Studio Bones produced the anime adaptation. I am so interested to see which direction the story goes after the first episode.

The Telepathy Club

The episode started with Arataka Reigen, Mob’s mentor “exorcising” a person of the “Digital Curse” by massaging him. Mob (aka Shigeo Kageyama) later asks him if he should take breaks from exorcising to join clubs. Arataka discourages him because it would mean Mob wouldn’t work for him.

The “Telepathy Club” of Mob’s school loses a member. They are in desperate need of a fifth member to keep the resources from the school. They get rejected because people think the club sounds creepy. One of the members named Mameta remembers Kageyama hasn’t joined any clubs. He brings Mob in and the club president Tome Kurata almost convinces him to join.

Mob calls Arataka to ask for guidance and it end up with Arataka and Tome fighting over Mob. Mameta explains to Mob that they honestly just want to good off and enjoy their time in the club. Mob agrees to think about it even after Arataka asks him to reject them.

The Private School Spirit

Their clients turn out to be two high school girls. They were amused at how Mob was scared to talk to girls. The trio goes around the school looking for the spirit and the girls repeatedly doubt Mob’s ability. Mob proves them wrong by trapping the spirit in the basketball hall.

The spirit gets angry at this, failing to get a hostage. He rants about his regrets about not having fun in his life. This makes Mob think, especially the ending question of the spirit asking him “Are you living your life to fullest?”

Mob decided to just join the Telepathy Club to live his life to the fullest. But as he is filling out the form, the Vice President of the student council questions why he wants to join. The Vice President, Hikaru was showing the Body Improvement Club around the room that Telepathy Club was occupying.

Mob thinks about what he wants and realizes he simply wants to confess to his crush, Tsubomi. To do it he decides to improve himself. Shocking everyone, he joins the Body Improvement Club, which gladly accepts him.

Personal Opinion of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 2

The art style would still have to be one of my favorite things about this episode. It was fluid and different. It’s just so goddamn pretty to look at. Especially the outro, the use of first-person POV using just two colors was brilliant.

It has to be one of the reasons I love this show because each frame is interesting to look at. The action is always very dramatic and fun to watch. I also love the childhood flashback of Mob as he was a kid with Psychic powers which everyone around him seems to simply accept.

Highlight Of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 2

Mob proves his worth by exorcising the demon. Something about proving yourself to the people who were doubting you would always be one of my favorite troupes in anime. It’s like straight cocaine to my veins. The idea of proving your worth right after people didn’t believe you are a tried and tested troupe. And it’s popular for a reason! It was amazing to watch.

Lowest Point of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 2

I don’t like the whole thing about joining the club solely for love. To join a club with the sole purpose of impressing someone is the kind of shit I cringe at. As someone who has done it before, it’s like looking in the past and it isn’t fun.

I also have no impression of the girl he likes except for the fact that she is very pretty. There has no character introduction except she likes novelty. Very typical young boy drama which is pretty unrelatable to me. I was actually kind of sad to see him disregard the Telepathy club too. I liked the president of the club and the members.

Overall Rating of Mob Psycho 100: Episode 2

6.5/10, it was a bit lackluster this episode. It felt a bit choppy in this episode when the theme was way too big for the 24 minutes. Living your life to the fullest is a good concept and a question worth asking. However, the resolution wasn’t satisfactory and was way too quick. Nonetheless, I am very intrigued by who is Arataka Reigen and why he knows Mob.

Well, these are all my thoughts on the Mob Psycho 100: Episode 2. Please tell me if you agree or disagree and what part of the show gripped you the most! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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