10 Unexpected Characters that Asta Helped In Black Clover

Black Clover had been one of my favorite shows, which is slightly unpopular in mainstream. I absolutely adore this show and the way it’s both simple and complicated at the same time. I watched it back when it was first airing and I feel I somewhat grew with Black Clover, so this is: 10 characters Asta helped in Black Clover.

We all love our boy Asta (the main character) even if he used to speak in all caps in the first few episodes, he is stupidly simple yet has a depth to his way of thinking, he often inspires others around him with his simplicity and one-way mode of thinking.

Asta is also a very sympathetic and empathic character who is not loved by fate but he is kind to others regardless! I especially love Asta’s way of helping people around him so this is the list of UNEXPECTED characters in Black Clover that Asta helped in his own journey to become the Magic Knight and protect those who he loves. 

10. Vanessa

Asta helped Vanessa finally come to terms with her mother. Her backstory may not be the darkest but it is one many people can relate to. She had a mother who’s hunger for power made her isolated from rest of the world, which ended up in her running away when Yami came in blowing the wall (as he frquently does in the show!).

Asta helped her in a non-direct way, he provided her with the motivation to go seek her mother and later overcome her control. She wanted to help him, so she went to such lengths which in the end helped her gain the power to control destiny itself!

9. Finral

Finral has issues with both his self-esteem and his resolve. Being the older brother of a prodigy, it is only natural. He is a really relatable character, who really found his own way to fight when Asta decided to trust him.

He is a support mage who was overlooked his whole life. But with Asta, he found a way to challenge his little brother. The spatial magic user also gained the confidence to finally stand up for his squad mates. Finral also proclaimed that Black Bulls will beat Golden Dawn, which he would have never done before meeting Asta!

8. Fanzell

Manga readers may feel a little left out while talking about Asta’s instructor. He appears in a light novel made by a fan, he is still an interesting character himself. In the flashback of Hage village before the Entrance Exams, Asta met his mentor. Fanzell was about to give up on his life after hearing about his wife’s death.

He was betrayed by his student, Mariella who was a Diamond Kingdom Assassin. Asta talked some sense in him, refused to give up (as always), and helped him defeat the Diamond kingdom persuaders. ‘Zell’ refers to Asta as his final student and is willing to help him in any way possible.

7. Henry

Asta really provided Henry with the friendship he needed. Asta has saved Henry’s life directly in the Reincarnation Arc. However, Asta is only person who can get close to him and not get his magic zapped.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say Asta is the first friend Henry made. He provided Henry with the companionship, that the cursed mage lack!

6. Klaus

Klaus is often overlooked but he is the first one to overcome his prejudices. He is indeed the best girl. But it’s only cause of Yuno and Asta he finally realized the error in his ways. Asta especially helped him to see past his beliefs and made him less of a stuck-up royal.

His transformation is heartwarming and it stills gets me how far he has come from his initial judgment of peasants.


The rivals have really helped each other all throughout the course of anime. Asta had something life-changing to Yuno in the past, hope, and courage.

In episode 2, we all get the heart-touching back story of the two best friends who grew up together. Ten year old Asta had told Yuno that anyone if they worked hard enough, can achieve anything. They can become whoever they set their hearts on.

Yuno decided then and there, that he would too follow his dreams and protect Asta and everyone else!

4. Mimosa

We all know our soft girl over here has a crush on Asta. Asta has helped her in more than one way. He gave her the motivation to improve her already impressive skills to be more of a combat mage. Magic Flower Guidepost was extremely useful and so is healing magic! But he further encourages her and guides her as a friend.

She is determined to stand next to Asta in a battle and be both an attack and support mage!

3. Zora

Zora is the embodiment of a vigilante in Black Clover, fighting for the ideals his father left behind. He gave an incredible wit and a keen sense of observation. Both of which he isn’t afraid to use both in battle and out of it. Asta helps him see the error in his ways and how being the lone wolf isn’t always good. Asta showed him that the same ideals his father once believed in, lived in other people too.

2. Patri

Patri is a child at heart. While the emotions he feels are complex, he follows his childish whims. When he finds out he is wrong, he isn’t able to accept the truth, he immerses himself in despair instead. He was afraid of facing the mistakes he made, the people he killed. The only friend he left behind (William) just to take his revenge and revive his family. Ans all the things turned out to be an elaborate trap. Asta puts all things he had been avoiding in front of him, asking him to take responsibility!

For once, actually do something about the situation instead of blindly following the hate. Asta helped him get out of the mindset and try to make amends with things he has done.

1. Yami


Yami is the mentor and possibly the second person (after Yuno) who believes in Asta’s dream to be the Wizard King. He is like the father Asta doesn’t have (at least yet!) and it might seem a bit outlandish seeing him on the list. Asta has helped Yami throughout the 170 episodes, slowly by bringing change in the Black Bulls themselves. He brought in the mortal compass to the Black Bulls and truly is the string which connects them all. He helped Yami realize his dream of making a squad that truly is like a family.

On the more direct hand, Asta lends out his powers to the Black Bulls’ captain in the amazing battle against Dante in episode 167 which still has Black Clover fan’s goosebumps rising!

This is all, for the 10 Unexpected Characters that Asta helped in Black Clover. If you enjoyed this article or liked the way I write, or just want to support me then please consider buying me a cup of coffee! Or check out the Mob Psycho 100 Review here.

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